Vibration Platforms

We do not currently have any vibration platforms in stock but once we get them in we’ll be sure to post them here. ┬áThank you for looking and check back soon!
Vibration Platforms

The Benefits of Vibration Platforms:

  • Because the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) works at such a fast pace, the muscle groups and stretch reflexes are able to train┬áto their full potential and in a fraction of the time a normal workout would require.
  • Increased muscle contractions at a higher speed increase metabolic rate, helping burn fat faster.
  • WBV increases flexibility and core strength. Consistent vibration encourages the body to rebalance itself, and stabilize the core muscles.
  • Helps decrease stress through hormone balance. Oxygen flowing to inactive parts of the musculoskeletal structure increases hormone flow.
  • WBV is consistently training muscles that you do not use on a daily basis, encouraging your body to also push to the next level, breaking your fitness plateau.